Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoyed your stay.  Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions...
7/11/2010 05:38:57 am

Im telling you
You have totally ruined me
I eat veggies eeewwwwwwww
I garden and raise chickens.
And I love you for it!!!!

Kathy Thomas
7/11/2010 08:15:58 am

fantastic stuff - you have inspired me to order the books you recommend! Maybe I'll move past tomatoes, into raised garden beds, and someday even into chickens...for their eggs only...couldn't handle the rest :)
Great job Lisa!

7/11/2010 11:47:40 am

Love your website. Careful with the chickens and the potato plants. Check out this website for toxic plants

7/11/2010 03:07:42 pm

I am very happy for you Lisa, your dream come true. Your plants look very healthy. Awesome! Nadia.

7/20/2010 01:27:48 am

Hello there!
Started checking out this site and Yea!
I like to garden, got me thinking I should do the veggie thing instead of the flowers....can't have the chickens/ducks not zoned for that. Just as well I would make everything a will have to be more creative about the bug issue
...instead of the pesticides....good idea on this site and congrats on getting out of the corporate world,....oooh...someday

7/21/2010 05:26:18 am

I just stumbled onto your site. Can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work!

7/27/2010 12:28:14 pm

i have never take time at any website til now.great work keep it up

7/27/2010 12:56:40 pm

once again it me .cant wait for county fair ill b there for there one great job

8/4/2010 01:45:26 am

Hi Lisa, hope your farm is going great !
My best wishes for your dream to came reality!

2/14/2011 01:11:25 am

I just read your article in COUNTRYSIDE. I am trying to get up the nerve myself. This article really helps. Thanks!

2/15/2011 09:16:16 pm

I just spent my early morning reading time on your blog. It's fantastic! Please keep it going. Now I have to scurry out to feed my animals and explain why I'm a little late.

5/20/2011 04:55:14 pm

Hi, Lisa -- I'm having lots of fun reading your blog (particularly love the ducks in the bathtub), and you inspired me to start our own. Cindy says ducks are messy and kind of stinky, but I'll work on her a bit in case you do have some ducklings to place in good homes. We just closed today (!) on the new house, and there's a lot of work to do before we can even move in -- but at least the work can start now. I'm envious that you're already getting ready to harvest -- can't wait to start a real garden! But lots to do even before getting to that...

9/18/2011 11:58:06 am

Hi, That's my Dexter cow and Guinea Hogs in your photos. I need to correct you on the price for registered Dexters. My registered Dexter heifers start at $1000. for a weaned heifer that has been trained & handled since birth. A2/A2 tested heifers may be priced higher. None of my cattle would be priced as high as you wrote. I've never heard of any Dexter selling for $4000!
Hope that helps a bit,

3/5/2012 09:28:18 pm

Hi Lisa,
Glad to see you are back.
I am happy for you that you are now on a farm. Would love to see pictures.
Please get Jackie Clay's book on canning and her books on chickens and goats. You will be so happy you did.
I read her blog and she is the most down to earth woman and has a
singular desire to help others. She is having a seminar in Minnesota in May that my husband and I are attending and will help people who are new or semi-new to homesteading.


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