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2/24/2011 01:46:14 am

Hi Lisa,

Hugs for you! Just read your article in Countryside, I can't face butchering time either. Makes me cry just to think about it. Good to know I'm not alone, we buy our meat from a local friend and farmer now.

Enjoy your day!


2/25/2011 10:56:07 pm

Hi LIsa,
Just read your article in Countryside. Love you comments as I wish to try killing chickens this summer.
WHere are the rest of your blgs? I would love to start reading what you are up to now. thanks

3/1/2011 08:43:34 am

Hi Lisa,

I read your article in Countryside last night and am proud to say I identify totally! I don't have anyone around to do the worst part (killing the bird), so it's safe to say that until I do it's just eggs for me. :) At any rate, I think you are super brave for even holding the first roo! My hero! I hope you'll be contributing more to the magazine, I really enjoyed reading your adventures in chickendom.

Kelly D. (Joyce)
5/3/2011 06:55:23 am

Hi Aunt Lisa!

Got your blog info from dad and I read through it all, and wow! That's so cool everything you're doing.

5/19/2011 12:57:20 pm


I just wanted to thank you for coming back and speaking at Kevin Chen's memorial. It meant a lot to me. Love your blog. Good luck with everything! Karen

Lisa Nagurski
5/19/2011 01:18:09 pm

Hi Kelly! Pat tells me you do web design - totally cool! Write back and give me your email - I won't publish it.


Lisa Nagurski
5/19/2011 01:19:26 pm

Thank you Karen,

I still miss Kevin so much. I had a fabulous dream about him the other day. I don't believe that he's really gone, just in another dimension... and that I'll see him again. I sure hope so anyway.

6/11/2011 06:27:48 am


I have a little suburban farm and a blog with the same title I now can't find, the blog that is.

I'd love to share experiences as we grow towards greater independence and health.

My dream is that this will spread. My neighborhood will grow its own food and we can give the finger (so to speak) to the ugly money and politics controlling our food and our health. One step at a time.

Im really succeeding with and LOVING permaculture. What twice as many beds next year to make it 6.

Lori R.
7/2/2011 08:01:30 am

Hi Lisa. What a thrill to see your adventures, lives, gardens, and animal family grow and thrive. Thank you for sharing it and showing us dreamers how it gets done! I'll be back here and peeking over the other weekday fence regularly to see what's next up. Best wishes to the whole household for great weekend and smooth escrow.

10/10/2011 05:26:49 am

I saw a post from you on Lavender Wind Farm about a vertical garden - I saw one at 'A knot in thyme' It was the first farm (1) on the map at this link http://whidbeyfarmtour.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/2011-map-black-white-1-page.pdf
We didn't make the farm tour this year as I had to be in Phoenix, but I am hoping to visit the farms again next year. I had a small garden but we are not stationary right now (living in rentals and our 5th wheel while on the road) but one day I hope to have my gardens again. We have 40 acres in NM which we may retire on, I plan to be self sustaining there. Good luck with your adventures!

Julia Martinez
11/12/2011 10:19:11 am

I just stumbled upon your website tonight and wanted to say that I like it. Your vegetables look great and the ducks and chickens are adorable. I'm glad you found Lucky; I was immediately heart broken at the thought of a dog being left on her own.

Jinny Buchanan
1/26/2012 07:31:56 pm

I love the pictures. More than that, I love your enjoyment of what you do...your loving passion about your farm, all the animals, and just being in your life....I am so happy for you! Thanks so much for sharing your postings and pictures.....I smiled through the whole thing! Love you both! It was great seeing you at the Christmas get-together! <3

Jackie Rutherford
3/6/2012 05:58:16 am

Hi Lisa. Love your site as much as I do you! Hope to find you, Kevin, the animals and everyone I may have forgotten having a beautiful day. Love You.

Mary Louise
3/7/2012 03:09:30 pm

I love your site! I wanted to make that spaghetti bread from pinterest too. Looks awesome.

Robin Whittington
6/14/2012 07:10:56 am

Now that we've met, and I've found your adventures, I will look forward to watching you develop your new place. See you in the gardens.


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